Aicha Moussaif, Morocco

Women in Technology Participant Aicha Moussaif

“I am a woman full of hope…full of ambition. I never lost hope to carry on my education to empower myself with new tools especially in the IT Field. I never wanted to finish my life as my mother or my grandmother and that was the reason why I decided to take the WIT training.”

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My name is Aicha Moussaif and I am 44 years old. Life was not easy on me because I dropped out of high school, got married, and had to help my husband financially support our four children. In order to earn an income, I learned knitting and embroidery and sold my products to other women. As my kids grew older, I realized that I could manage to make time for myself; I decided to fulfill my thirst for education through a long distance learning program. Shortly after, I heard about the Women in Technology program and I decided to enroll.

WIT helped me sharpen many skills in IT. I especially enjoyed learning how to process and edit a document in Microsoft Word, make calculations with Microsoft Excel, and create a database through Access. I also enjoyed preparing PowerPoint presentations—which used to seem like magic to me—I always wondered how people managed to add animations and customize PowerPoint.

The WIT program also helped me create my own blog and I’m planning to put my handmade products on my new site. The blog I created will help me post and introduce my embroidery and decoration products online. My goal is to attract customers and generate an income from my home.

Now I know what it means when my kids tell me that they are going to do research or type a document in a cyber café. I no longer need to ask the manager of the local cyber café for help because I am self-sufficient on the computer. I used to panic whenever I turned on a computer; now I feel emancipated and I am proud of myself. I am looking forward to having my own computer at home so I can practice all I learned through the Women in Technology program and pass it on to my kids.

Finally, I would like to share a funny story that recently occurred. When I went to the local cyber café to do my homework, I posted a video on my blog. Shortly after, my daughter came to see me and the moment she entered into the cyber café, I was watching a video on YouTube of Barack Obama waving his hands to the public listening to his speech during the inauguration ceremony. My daughter ran back to my husband and my other kids telling them: “I saw my mom chatting with Barack Obama and he was waving to her”.

I posted Barack Obama’s video on my blog for my homework and referred to it as “L’Espoir” which in French means “Hope.” I welcome you all to visit my blog at Aichamouss.

Aicha Moussaif
April, 2009

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