Florence Chenoweth

Exchange Student Florence Chenoweth

Each morning at 5:49 AM, Florence Chenoweth takes a train from Long Island to New York City to fight for a world free from hunger. As Director of the Food and Agriculture Organization's (FAO) Liaison Office with the United Nations, Chenoweth's work is invaluable in focusing attention on issues like world nutrition and agricultural productivity. Chenoweth has had a long career in African development, and it was her experience at the University of Wisconsin that provided her with her first opportunity to rub shoulders with experts in the field. "I had reached the highest I could in Liberia," Chenoweth explained about the value of studying agricultural economics in the U.S.

Subsequent to her studies in Wisconsin, Chenoweth opened and headed the first FAO office in South Africa, and served as FAO Representative in the Gambia, and as Minister of Agriculture of Liberia, the only woman in the world to serve in an agriculture minister position at that time.

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