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Higher Education Readiness Program Participant Rediat

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Rediat was born in 1996 in Akaka-Kaliti Kebele, Ethiopia, where she lives with her parents. Her father is a truck operator and mother is a homemaker. Rediat lives with a family of 7, including her mom, sister, two brothers and some relatives. Her family lives on a small monthly income and their main source of income is her mother's pension contribution.

Rediat’s has many responsibilities at home including washing clothes, dishes etc. Her high school is about an hour walk each way from her home. Rediat wishes to complete her high school education so she can support herself, her family and her country in a meaningful way. Rediat wants to pursue law in college because she wants to fight injustice and bring justice to the community. She also has an interest in introducing the culture and language of her country to the rest of the world.

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