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Higher Education Readiness Program Participant Meaza

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Meaza lives in Addis Ababa with her parents who are illiterate and unemployed. Her father lives off random work that supports the entire family of twelve while her mother is a full-time homemaker. She has seven siblings ranging from 12 to 29 in age and living under the same roof.

Meaza is a tenth grader at the Dilachen Secondary School. While education is a top priority for her, in her spare time, she also does chores around the house and supports her two younger brothers in their study.

For her, education provides access to be a valuable citizen and also to support her family and make them proud. Rather than being a burden, she says, education is a path to independence. It also enables her to be a role model to her younger brothers. Meaza aspires to be a Doctor. As a doctor, she wants to minimize maternal mortality and also treat and give care to HIV/AIDS patients and make them feel supported. Her second aspiration is setting up an organization that supports elders and orphans.

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