Elham Ali - EWLP

Ethiopian Women's Leadership Program Participant Elham Ali

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Elham Ali participated in the Ethiopian Women's Leadership Program as a student at Addis Ababa University:

"In this tough life, it is important to make ourselves as valuable as possible.This is a truth I learned from the Ethiopian Women’s Leadership Program (EWLP). I am always glad to see how much EWLP has positively influenced my life. It is really amazing what kinds of experiences you will have if you just open your mind. When I joined Addis Ababa University I was dissatisfied with the department I was assigned to but through the re-assignment phase I later joined the department of Journalism and Communications. Luckily, EWLP was launched at our university the same year and its nine month training empowered me with tools that help me see the world through a new and improved lens. It was life changing! I have learned how to live my life!

Just after graduation, I obtained the position of Communications Officer in Wollo University, in my hometown. Later that year, I got accepted at Addis Ababa University (AAU) for the same position. I was so glad because I loved what I was doing and going back to my university as an employee made it even more exciting.

My participation in the EWLP program and all my learning was so motivational. The teamwork among participants, the service learning project we delivered in groups was awesome. The event at Harmony Hotel where renowned and successful Ethiopian women shared their experiences was spectacular. Their life experience with all its challenges and success was very inspirational. They leveled with us as they walked us through their university life both as a student and as a woman. Hearing it gave me an instant boost of self confidence and courage that I carried throughout my university life.And now after three years, they are still fresh in my memories."