Boren Fellow in India

David L. Boren Fellowship Program Participant Meghan Luckett

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While studying Hindi on a Boren Fellowship in India, Meghan Luckett planted an avocado tree at the Prakriti Biotech Farm in Hazaribag, India. This tree is one of many that will be used in a project to address high rates of malnutrition in India by teaching rural women how to grow avocados. Meghan, who is currently completing a PhD in international agriculture development at Texas A&M University, also researched the small-scale production of the avocado and drumstick trees while in India. As a Boren Fellow, Meghan’s research focused on enhancing food security in India, to reduce the pull of extremist organizations that recruit the poor and hungry. In the future, she hopes to work on international agricultural development issues with the U.S. government.

Funded by the National Security Education Program (NSEP), the David L. Boren Fellowships provide a unique opportunity for U.S. graduate students to add an international and language component to their studies.

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