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IIE Offices Win Top ETS Honors

June 1, 2010—The IIE Mexico and Thailand offices received the top two awards at the annual meeting of international partners at the Educational Testing Service (ETS).

IIE/Mexico won the "Most Valuable Player" award for its efforts to provide colleagues in the Latin American region with a high degree of professional mentoring. Drawing upon its experience in the Mexican marketplace, IIE has shared lessons learned with both new and more seasoned partners not only in Latin America, but in other parts of the network.

IIE/Thailand won the award for the "Most Improved Player“ for the largest volume or revenue increase among ETS partners. IIE/Bangkok won the award for increasing volume by 75% and revenues by 66% on the TOEFL Institutional Testing Program (ITP). The award was accompanied by a monetary reward.

IIE offers English language testing services that range from intensive English placement for university students to overseeing English language testing services on behalf of ETS. These programs not only enhance the English language skills of IIE program participants studying in the United States, but also provide language training and testing for professionals and businesses across the globe.

IIE has a network of 18 international offices around the world led by talented and dedicated international education experts. Each office utilizes strong networks of colleges, universities, and NGOs in the region to implement initiatives driven by key regional needs as well as the goals of sponsors; these offices are central to administering many prestigious global programs. In addition, IIE administers 14 Regional Educational Advising Coordinators who provide training, resources and mentoring to support the U.S. Department of State's Network of EducationUSA advisers around the world. 

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