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IIE President and CEO Allan Goodman Attends Going Global and Education Without Borders Forum

April 1, 2010—In late March, IIE President and CEO Dr. Allan Goodman participated in Going Global 4, the International Education Conference, supported by the British Council, the United Kingdom’s international organization for cultural relations and educational opportunities. This year's conference theme was "World Potential: Making Education Meet the Challenge."

Given that many countries are increasingly becoming isolationist in the face of the worst recession in decades, participants explored timely topics in higher education, including:

  • What are the implications for international education?
  • How is the global mobility of staff and students being affected and what should they do?
  • And how does it impact the sharing of knowledge and ideas worldwide? Is the vision of a truly international education system under threat?

Conference participants also examined trends, implications and barriers to change; explored models for change drawing on case studies from across the world; and delivered frameworks for action across the following areas:

  • Staff and student mobility: International mobility of staff and students has continued to grow over the past twenty years. Yet, many groups are still hard to reach. How do institutions encourage students from different backgrounds to take up opportunities for international study? What are the barriers to global staff mobility? And what will the new patterns of mobility be as countries in Asia shift their position to become net importers of international students and faculty?
  • Global partnerships: What are the emerging partnership models? From multilateral research partnerships; public – private arrangements; as well as partnerships for teaching and learning, GG4 will explore the growth and complexity of international partnerships and their relevance to different types of institutions and countries.
  • Global citizens: Governments and businesses benefit significantly from globally aware graduates. But how important a role is this for education across the world? Do all countries need to develop international awareness to the same degree? And does it also depend on the industry: does a small business require international awareness to the same extent as a multinational company? How can education meet these different needs?
  • Policy and leadership: the impact of international education is felt at local, national and international levels. What are the key leadership and policy challenges facing individual institutions, governments and communities worldwide? What role should governments have in relation to education and international competitiveness? What part do the international strategies of institutions play? Are we likely to see a major shift in the number and type of education providers operating globally over the next decade?

Dr. Goodman sat on a panel entitled, "Strangers in a foreign land or citizens of the world?" and chaired by Allison Doorbar, Managing Partner of JWT Education, Australia. The panel presentation was given by Professor Simon Marginson, Professor of Higher Education at the University of Melbourne, Australia, and other panel participants included Frances Kelly, Education Counsellor Europe of the Ministry of Education, New Zealand, and Dominic Scott OBE, Chief Executive of the UK Council for International Student Affairs, UK.

While in the UK, Dr. Goodman also participated in The Education Without Borders European Forum, an exclusive gathering of 30 Vice-Chancellors and Rectors from leading universities across Europe. The Forum, convened at University College London (UCL), was designed to create a platform for conversation, information sharing, and the exploration of ideas that pave the way for mobility, global awareness and collaboration across borders in higher education.

Daniel Libeskind, B.ARCH. M.A. BDA AIA,  an international figure in architectural practice and urban design who is well known for introducing a new critical discourse into architecture and for his multidisciplinary approach, gave the Forum's keynote address. The Forum's discussion topics included global citizenship, The Bologna Process, student recruitment and international competitiveness, and the global university.


View Slideshow: Education Without Borders European Forum
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