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IIE Launches New Campaign

Get a Passport, Study Abroad

If you're reading this, it probably means you don't have a passport yet – that makes you just like most
Americans. In fact, 70% of your fellow citizens don't have a passport. But why run with the crowd? Make a
statement: get a passport.

The fact is, if you don't have a passport you can't leave the U.S. to go anywhere – not even to Mexico or Canada.

So once you've done the smart thing and gotten that passport, use it to change your life: study abroad! Check out
our study abroad resources to find the program for you and help you find the money to make it happen.

How To Apply for a Passport

Getting a passport is easier than you think. Here's what you do:

Fill out an application form
Take 2 passport photos – make sure they meet the requirements
Prove you're a U.S. citizen
Show your ID
Pay the application fee
Drop it all off at a Passport Acceptance Facility

Find a Study Abroad Program

Talk to your study abroad office about finding the program that is best for you and what programs your campus
offers. You can also search over 9,000 other programs that are available by visiting IIEPassport. Be sure to check with your own campus to see which programs will be eligible for academic credit at your institution.

Find the Money to Study Abroad

No cash? No problem. Search for scholarships, fellowships and grants for study abroad.


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IIE Experts

IIE experts on international education are available for interviews or speaking engagements.

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