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IIE releases Study Abroad White Paper, Issue 2: Exploring Host Country Capacity for Increasing U.S. Study Abroad.

Meeting America's Global Education Challenge
Through a series of surveys and dialogs, the Institute of International Education in 2007 launched a new policy research initiative to address the issue of capacity abroad (especially in non-traditional destinations) to host a greatly increased number of U.S. students, and to assure that U.S. campuses have the resources and structures available to prepare and send them.

This IIE initiative, Meeting America's Global Education Challenge, offers educators and policymakers focused data and information on current capabilities and future capacity, as well as recommendations for action to maximize resources and pave the way for substantial study abroad growth.

IIE Study Abroad White Paper Series
As part of this initiative, IIE periodically releases white papers on expanding study abroad participation and capacity, which can be downloaded here. IIE also coordinates conference sessions with experts in the field on study abroad capacity issues.

Study Abroad White Paper, Issue 6:
Expanding Study Abroad Capacity at U.S. Colleges and Universities

This May 2009 White Paper explores critical challenges and potential strategies from the perspective of U.S. institutions to address ongoing needs and solutions for expanding the field of international education for U.S. students. To stimulate and help inform the ongoing dialogue of increasing study abroad capacity, IIE has invited its colleague organizations, the Forum on Education Abroad and NAFSA: Association of International Educators, to contribute chapters to this White Paper, adding context to the survey jointly conducted by the Institute and the Forum. A final chapter from the Council for International Exchange of Scholars focuses on the impact of scholar and faculty exchange on study abroad participation.

Study Abroad White Paper, Issue 5:
Promoting Study Abroad in Science and Technology Fields

This March 2009 IIE White Paper examines opportunities to expand student mobility in the disciplines of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM), which are consistently underrepresented in study abroad. It first examines the most recent Open Doors student mobility trends in STEM disciplines, and then features an essay focusing on models for increasing study abroad in the field of engineering. Finally, it includes an essay on STEM program evaluation methods and a sample evaluation case study.

Study Abroad White Paper, Issue 4:
Expanding U.S. Study Abroad in the Arab World: Challenges and Opportunities

This March 2009 White Paper is based on a workshop that took place in Ifrane, Morocco in March 2008. The Hollings Center for International Dialogue and IIE convened this workshop at Al Akhawayn University to examine the issues that will arise as more students seek to study in the region. Is there enough capacity in the region to accommodate more students? Are there opportunities in countries and universities that are currently under-utilized? What challenges will U.S. and Arab world educators need to address to accommodate more young Americans studying in the region?

Study Abroad White Paper, Issue 3:
Expanding Education Abroad at U.S. Community Colleges

This September 2008 IIE White Paper shows that education abroad at community colleges has several key characteristics that distinguish it from education abroad at four-year institutions, and that these differences necessitate a distinct approach to expanding study abroad opportunities for community college students. The White Paper draws on data from IIE's Open Doors Report and on findings from a special survey on expanding study abroad at community colleges.

Study Abroad White Paper, Issue 2:
Exploring Host Country Capacity for Increasing U.S. Study Abroad

This May 2008 IIE White Paper highlights research and findings from a fall 2007 snapshot survey of over 500 host institutions abroad, and on the efforts made by these institutions to increase their host capacity for larger numbers of U.S. students. It also analyzes the challenges these institutions face as well as their motivations and strategic plans for internationalization. The report examines how host institutions and countries perceive greatly expanding U.S. study abroad participation.

Study Abroad White Paper, Issue 1:
Current Trends in U.S. Study Abroad & the Impact of Strategic Diversity Initiatives

This May 2007 IIE White Paper assesses current trends in study abroad in the United States, providing a benchmark for future expansion. It includes an analysis of existing strategic funding initiatives such as the Gilman, Boren and Freeman-ASIA Scholarships, showing how resource allocation can influence the diversity of participants, geographic destinations, field of study and length of study.

Additional Resources
Expanding U.S. Institutional Sending Capacity for Study Abroad: Presentation and Panel Discussion held at the Forum on Education Abroad Conference, Portland, Oregon, February 19, 2009. (PDF)

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