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UN Fulbright Fellows meet with Kofi Annan

On Monday, December 12, ten United Nations Fulbright Fellows came together in New York for an all-day seminar at IIE and the UN, to conclude their Fellowship programs. A highlight of the day’s activities was an opportunity to meet with Kofi Annan at UN headquarters.

Secretary-General Meets With UN Fulbright Fellows
Secretary-General Kofi Annan (fourth from left, front) meets with a delegation of UN Fulbright Fellows, today at UN Headquarters.

Location: United Nations New York Date: 12 December 2005

The United Nations Fulbright Fellowship Program, now in its third year, was created to build new sources of UN leadership and further the ability of the Fulbright Program to educate leaders and lay the foundation for global problem solving. It is funded by a grant from the United Nations Foundation/Better World Fund. This year, 10 UN Fulbright Fellows served in various United Nations departments, offices and funds both in New York City and worldwide, after completing their graduate degrees in the U.S. under Fulbright sponsorship. From June through December 2005, these UN Fulbright fellows had an opportunity to contribute to the advancement of the work of the United Nations, learn from United Nations staff, and gain valuable professional experience to cap off their Fulbright Fellowship in the United States.

The program seeks to include Fulbright students from Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean, Sub-Saharan Africa, and North Africa and the Middle East. The 2005 United Nations Fulbright Fellows are from: Bangladesh, Bolivia, Brazil, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Dominican Republic, Ghana, Lebanon, Mongolia and Peru. Five of the 2005 UN Fulbright Fellows were based at the UN Headquarters in New York and five were based overseas at various UN Duty Stations and Regional Commissions.

One of the keys to leadership development is the synergy that is created when Fulbright students have the opportunity to meet, to exchange views and ideas, and to learn from other leaders in a global context. The UN Fulbright Fellowship Program exemplifies the leadership training elements and the public-private partnerships that make the Fulbright Program unique.


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