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The Goldman Sachs Foundation and IIE Launch the Global Leaders Program

The Goldman Sachs Foundation, in partnership with the Institute of International Education, created the Global Leaders Program to identify and reward the academic excellence and leadership potential of 100 of the most accomplished second-year students to foster their leadership skills and prepare them for distinctive service to society and their future professions.  The program is open to students at participating colleges and universities in 17 countries, and honors the achievements of outstanding young people whose courses of study cover a broad range of interests, including Africana studies, electrical engineering, international economics, and Middle East & Asian Languages and Cultures.  In its first two years, the Global Leaders Program has produced several truly outstanding student leaders.  In the U.S. alone, six of the Global Leaders selected in the program’s first two years have received Truman, Marshall, Gates, or Rhodes Scholarships.   According to a previous Global Leader, the Goldman Sachs Global Leaders Program “has opened my mind to incredible opportunities; it has instilled in me the self-confidence that I can do almost anything, anytime, anywhere if I am truly committed to it.” IIE launched the competition for 2004 worldwide in October, and this year’s winners will be announced in May.


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