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About Get a Passport: Study Abroad

Almost 70% of Americans do not own a passport and less than 1% of American college students study abroad each year. The Institute of International Education launched the Get a Passport: Study Abroad campaign in February 2009 to encourage all college and university students to get a passport and to use their passports to study abroad. 

Too many students are failing to acquire the understanding of foreign cultures and languages, cross-cultural communication skills and leadership qualities that result from studying abroad. By encouraging students to see that a passport is a document as necessary as a college ID, campuses can encourage them to meet the challenge of becoming active global citizens.

"The central reason for acquiring a passport is this: it is a tool for the imagination. It has become what the driver’s license once was: permission to explore our most relevant surroundings. A student who has a chance to experience the world first hand, to navigate in unknown territory, will grow as a person, gain confidence, and learn skills that will last a lifetime. To step outside the familiar is to enliven creativity that nourishes innovation and the intellectual life."
- Gordon Gee, President, Ohio State University

See Gordon Gee talk more about why it is so important for students to have passports and have the opportunity to go abroad.

Get a Passport Partner Campuses made three commitments when they joined the Get a Passport campaign. They:

  • Put a Get a Passport: Study Abroad button on their websites
  • Completed three activities encouraging students on their campuses to get a passport and study abroad
  • Updated IIE on their campaign activities so that we could highlight them on our Facebook page

10 Things Your Campus Can Do to Encourage Students to Get a Passport:

  • Hold a Get a Passport Day for students to complete passport applications
  • Encourage Student Government Reps to sponsor Get a Passport: Study Abroad activities
  • Pay for or subsidize students’ passport application fees
  • Send a passport application to every incoming student
  • Have a Get a Passport: Study Abroad event during new student orientation
  • Have a passport table at all study abroad fairs and international events
  • Include a Get a Passport: Study Abroad message in your convocation
  • Hold a raffle for students to win a prize by completing a passport application
  • Encourage students to check out these study abroad resources to find the program that is right for them and help them find the money to make it happen

How to Apply for a Passport:

Getting a passport is easier than you think. Here's what you do:

Find a Study Abroad Program or Scholarship for Students:

Check Out "Get a Passport" Partner Events

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