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IIE U.S. Higher Education Fairs in Asia

East Asia and Southeast Asia

Asian countries send the largest number of foreign students to American colleges and universities. To help your school establish and maintain a presence in this region, the Institute of International Education organizes regular education fairs that provide information to countless Asian students about the wide U.S. education opportunities available, including boarding schools, associate degrees, English language courses, bachelor's degrees, master's and doctoral degrees.

IIE's 2010 fairs Asia present excellent opportunities to build your institution's name and brand, and offer tremendous real value for recruiters. IIENetwork Members receive a special members-only discount for the fair. Fairs have been timed to ease travel, maximize attendance and provide ample opportunity to work with alumni and visit schools.


September 17: Tokyo, Japan
September 21: Shanghai, China
September 22: Nanjing, China
September 25: Hong Kong, China
September 28: Hanoi, Vietnam
September 29: Danang, Vietnam
October 1: Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
October 5: Jakarta, Indonesia
October 9: Bangkok, Thailand

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