2002 Heiskell Award Honorable Mention: Internationalizing the Campus

University of Nebraska, Omaha

International Studies and Programs Campus and Community Service Project

Nomination submitted by: Steven E. Hoiberg, Advisor, Program for International Professional Development, International Studies and Programs

Program Mission
The International Studies and Programs Campus and Community Service Project began in 1999 because of a perceived need to expose international students at UNO to social problems and volunteerism in the United States. The original version of the program accomplished this by first conducting field trips to institutions which dealt extensively with common social problems in the US, followed by volunteer service at these and other locations. Upon completion of the original program in December of 1999, administrators looked for ways to continue the unique combination of education and service that it offered.

About a year later, it was decided that the volunteering aspect of the project would be made a permanent requirement for all degree-seeking international students attending UNO on Non-Resident Tuition Scholarships (NRTS). The project in its current form began at the start of the Fall 2000 semester, and since then has been running strong. In both forms, this 'service-learning' project has been tremendously successful.

Program Implementation
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Selection Panel Members 2002

The members of the selection panel for this year’s awards include the following leaders in international education:

Phillip G. Altbach
Director, Boston College Center for International Higher Education

Britta Baron
Director, German Academic Exchange Service

Madeleine F. Green
VP, American Council on Education and Director, Center for Institutional and International Initiatives

Karlheinz Muhr
Chairman and CEO, KM Management

Dr. L. Jay Oliva
President, New York University

Diane J. Paton
Vice Chairman, Board of Trustees, Institute of International Education