2008 Heiskell Award Honorable Mention: Internationalizing the Campus

Leeds Mteropolitan University

Internationalization Strategy

Nomination submitted by: David Killick, Head of International Programs

Program Overview
Leeds Metropolitan University, in the United Kingdom, seeks to become “a university with world-wide horizons where an international, multicultural ethos is pervasive throughout our scholarship, curriculum, and volunteer and community engagement at home and overseas,” a goal articulated in its Statement of Vision and Character. In order to develop this, the university developed a comprehensive six point Internationalization Strategy and undertook a comprehensive series of activities in the following major areas: internationalizing learning, teaching and research; enhancing the international student experience; enhancing the international experience of home students; developing and fostering international partnerships and alliances; developing staff capability for internationalization; and effectively recruiting international students.

In addition to campus events, volunteer opportunities, websites, award programs, international partnerships and alliances, and professional development workshops—all having a global focus, Leeds Metropolitan University introduced a curriculum review mandate, which requires all course syllabi be reviewed against a document on Cross-Cultural Capability in the curriculum.

Selection Panel Members 2008

The members of the selection panel for this year’s awards include the following leaders in international education:

Stephen Dunnett
Vice Provost for International Education, State University of New York at Buffalo

Uliana Gabara
President, Association of International Education Administrators (AIEA) and Dean of International Education, University of Richmond

Ulrich Grothus
Director, German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) New York

Brian Whalen
President, The Forum on Education Abroad