IIE President Kenneth Holland Assistant Secretary of State Christian Herter, President Dwight D. Eisenhower

1950s: Cold War, New Nations

The Institute deepened its involvement in the developing world, managing programs focused on public administration, food research, family planning and other development-related fields for countries in Asia, Africa, and Latin America.

Regional Offices in Chicago, Houston, Denver, and San Francisco open, with support from the Ford Foundation.

The Institute begins to administer Ford Foundation Grants to train specialists and leaders in emerging nations.

Initiates the International Music Competition Project enabling young American musicians to enter international competitions abroad. The project develops after IIE-selected pianist Leon Fleischer becomes the first American to win top prize in the Queen Elizabeth competition in Belgium.

Publishes first annual survey of international students as Open Doors, a publication which, continued annually, is used widely by the academic community, government, and the media as the most authoritative source of data on international mobility.

Comes to the aid of Hungarian refugee students, as more than seven hundred freedom fighters receive scholarships to US colleges and universities.

Surveys 1,298 colleges and universities on the subject of undergraduate study abroad, and publishes the findings in Foreign Study for U.S. Undergraduates, which continue as the annual publications "Academic Year Abroad" and "Short Term Study Abroad."

IIE President goes to Moscow to develop exchanges between Russians and Americans. IIE establishes a Department for East-West Exchanges.

With support from the Carnegie Corporation, IIE launches the Council on Higher Education in the American Republics, a series of meetings among higher education leaders in the Americas.

The same year it publishes the Directory of International Scholarships in the Arts, IIE and the Smithsonian Institution sponsor a nationwide tour of Fulbright painters' artwork, which opens at the Whitney Museum in New York.

Van Cliburn, selected by IIE's Music Advisory Committee to compete in Russian music competition, wins first prize.

Young Artists Project launched by newly created IIE Arts Division with a Ford Foundation grant. The program brings young foreign talents in creative arts to the U.S. for study, travel, and observation. 

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