Placement Services

University Placement Services

Our placement services are dedicated to matching each student with the best possible academic program. To facilitate the placement process, our knowledgeable placement specialists work with a full range of colleges and universities across the region.  Annually, IIE places over 3,000 undergraduate and graduate students from more than 175 countries into colleges and universities in the U.S.

IIE places students with the complete range of academic disciplines, including area studies, business, economics, education, international relations, science and technology, and social sciences, among others.  IIE organizes its placement staff according to field of study, allowing staff members to develop strong relationships not only with admissions officers, but also with professionals in academic departments.  IIE utilizes these extensive admissions and academic connections to the utmost benefit of the students being placed.  To advise students about the best possible program options, IIE placement specialists keep abreast of the rapidly changing specializations and trends within each field of study.  Through an annual review of admissions information and other advising resources, IIE placement specialists help students articulate their study objectives and identify academic programs that will best suit their study plans.

In addition to the standard placement process outlined below, IIE has a proven track record of handling the following:

  • Off-cycle placements for those students seeking a winter, spring, or summer admission.
  • Fast-track placements into degree and non-degree programs for those candidates identified late in the admission season.  IIE facilitates late placement by pre-identifying schools that will entertain late applications and/or reserve seats for qualified applicants.
  • Placement in educational systems through the entire region.
  • Consortium arrangements where IIE works with existing arrangements and/or identifies quality programs willing to host clusters of students or meet another sponsor-identified need.  Surveys, formal solicitations of interest, solicitation of proposals, and site visits are among the strategies employed to ensure quality programs are selected.
  • ‘Self-placed’ student assistance for those candidates who have previously applied to colleges and universities.

IIE implements a three stage process that will match the student to the program. This process covers. 

  • Application Materials 
  • Selecting and Applying to Universities 
  • Finalizing Placements