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Shipment of Materials

OCS is IIE official shipping company for IIE Higher Education Fairs. OCS will keep track of and store exhibitors’ materials in OCS overseas stations, and deliver them to the fair venue one day prior to the event day.

Using OCS:

  1. Guarantees customs clearance and safe arrival of your package directly to the IIE fair venue
  2. Allows you to track your materials and ensure safe delivery directly to the venue
  3. Your boxes go to OCS trade fair hub in Boston. OCS takes care of the rest
  4. Duties and taxes are paid on your behalf and customs clearances are done for you
  5. Shipping instructions will be emailed to you.

Contact: OCS at fairs@shipOCS.com or toll-free: 1-877-2222-OCS. Outside the U.S.: 1-781-933-1130.

Participants not using OCS:

  1. Do not ship any materials to IIE
  2. We won’t be able to assist you to track your shipment, or to help on the day of the fair
  3. It is the responsibility of your carrier to deliver your materials “door-to-door” overseas
  4. Make sure your carrier is able to clear customs and take care of duty and taxes for you
  5. Do not ship your materials as “cargo” or “door-to-airport”. These services generally do not include customs clearance

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