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IIE University Fair


 IIE Higher Education Fairs offer sponsors a unique opportunity to meet and interact with thousands of students and parents interested in U.S. studies

IIE Fairs attract over 10,000 visitors every year. Your company/organization will enjoy numerous benefits from sponsoring at IIE Fairs, including:



  1. Meet with U.S. - bound students and their parents who are eager to learn more about U.S. learning opportunities and related products or services
  2. Generate new business opportunities through direct contacts with potential customers and evaluate market trends
  3. Build brand awareness among your existing and potential new markets

IIE widely promotes its Fairs to capture potential visitors through a comprehensive marketing campaign, which includes:

  1. Advertisements in local mass media
  2. Emails and social media postings targeting students and parents
  3. IIE website and other various online marketing campaigns
  4. Press releases to local newspapers and education-related websites
  5. Fair posters to key government entities, business chambers, high schools, universities, and language schools

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