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Academy for Scholarship Management

Achieve the best outcomes for your scholarship program by taking part in focused training opportunities in international scholarship management. For over 90 years, IIE has successfully managed scholarship programs for a wide range of well-known public and private sector partners. IIE’s Academy for Scholarship Management offers intensive trainings to build the capacity of corporations, ministries of higher education, foundations and other educational institutions to implement strategic, results-oriented scholarship programs.

Academy Programs

The Academy offers a variety of ways for organizations to gain unique insights into effective scholarship management. Participants will learn concrete new processes and best practices to utilize in their day-to-day work.

Choose from the following program options:

  • Customized training workshops designed for your organization and held on site at your location.
  • The IIE Certificate in Scholarship Management, an in-depth training program for your staff members that is tailored to the unique needs of your institution.
  • One-day seminars for practitioners offered in various global locations.

Training Topics in Scholarship Management

All Academy programs utilize an integrated approach to  scholarship management and  help participants learn how to balance administrative activities while achieving educational distinction, building your scholarship program’s profile, providing top service to students, and maintaining world-class standards.

Topics covered in Academy program sessions include:

  • Developing effective recruitment and outreach programs.
  • Managing transparent application and selection processes.
  • Preparing students for success in their academic programs.
  • Best practices in student advising and university placement.
  • Effective monitoring and support of scholarship recipients.
  • Developing appropriate award packages.
  • Fiscal management in the U.S. and abroad.
  • Assessing and evaluating scholarship program outcomes.
  • Engaging alumni.
  • Building sustainable partnerships.

Training Methods and Learning Outcomes

Expert IIE trainers use dynamic training methods designed for cross-cultural audiences that incorporate presentations, interactive exercises, group discussion, case studies, and more.

Participants and institutions can expect the following outcomes:

  • New tools, resources and approaches to effectively manage scholarship activities.
  • Enhanced staff capacity in scholarship management systems.
  • Increased quality assurance and the development of measurable standards.
  • Long-term sustainability of scholarship activities and services.
For More Information
Please contact us at HECD@iie.org if you have questions or would like to learn more about IIE’s offerings in scholarship management and scholarship management training.