Educator Training

Educator Training

IIE has unparalleled experience in building the capacity of educators from around the globe based on administering some of the world’s largest and most prestigious training programs.

IIE Has Expertise to Manage Educator Training and Exchange Programs

  • Broad networks allow for extensive international outreach and recruitment of trainers who are effective in developing local capacity.  IIE’s long history of partnerships and experience with governments, local NGOs, worldwide academic institutions as well as partnerships with the corporate sector enable us to place participants in professional training and development activities in the U.S. and globally.
  • Digital media capacity and online learning engage participants, build capability, cultivate alumni and create a multiplier effect by enhancing impact and sustainability.
  • Experience incorporating enrichment activities into project design, ultimately enhancing capacity development goals and other sponsor objectives.
  • Expertise designing tools to measure project progress, outcomes and impacts.
  • The creation of linkages with participant alumni as well as training networks results in sustainable collaborations.
  • Extensive experience managing a wide array of participant services includes on-site logistics, pre-departure orientation programs, training media and materials, individual advising, immigration and visa documentation and visa issuance, and robust and personalized on-program support services and monitoring.

Illustrative IIE-Managed Educator Capacity Development Programs and Sponsors Include:

  • British Universities Summer Schools Program
  • The TEFL Enrichment Program for the Ministry of Education in Taiwan
  • Ministry of Education of Chile’s Teacher Training Abroad Program
  • Chinese Teaching Assistant Program
  • East Timor Primary Education Project
  • Education Reform in Pakistan
  • Educators to Saudi Arabia Program 
  • Fulbright English Teaching Assistant Program (ETA)
  • Fulbright Foreign Language Teaching Assistant Program (FLTA) 
  • Best Practices in International Education Conference

Educator Training

With exceptional experience at all levels — K-12, workforce development, participating training, higher education and ministerial policy – the Institute has a long history of positive impact in the education sector throughout the world. IIE’s customized and results-oriented training leverages our offices around the world, and our extensive alumni network, enabling the Institute to produce quick start-ups firmly rooted in local networks.

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