Higher Education Institutional Development

Higher Education Institutional Development

IIE works closely with public and private higher education institutions to develop high-quality academic programs in cooperation with governmental, nongovernmental organizations, and corporations. Leveraging extensive higher education networks worldwide, IIE is uniquely positioned to help shape new universities and expand the capabilities and partnerships of existing academic institutions.

Forming Global Linkages

IIE serves as a key consultant to university leaders to help identify and develop partnerships with universities in the U.S. and other countries. We can:
  • Bring a delegation of IIE experts to the university to meet with key stakeholders to identify goals and potential international partners;
  • Conduct a needs analysis and develop recommendations on the University’s partnership strategy goals;
  • Develop and organize a one to two-week Partnership Development Study Tour of the United States for university officials to visit key institutions, explore best practices in building international linkages, and meet with potential partners;
  • Provide ongoing strategic advice and recommendations on critical partnership strategies and programs.

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Conducting Faculty Outreach and Development

IIE’s Council for the International Exchange of Scholars (CIES) assists institutions of higher education to create distinguished visiting scholar programs and launch visiting specialist programs to provide strategic insight into curriculum development, research, and student achievement.

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Convening Higher Education Experts

IIE regularly convenes groups of leading international higher education experts to provide university stakeholders with recommendations about strategic approaches to institutional development. At our annual Best Practices Conference and other forums, IIE brings together senior university administrators to offer advice to new universities about issues such as curriculum development, international linkages, and accreditation.

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Managing University Scholarship Programs

IIE can manage all aspects of a university scholarship program, including program and award design, English language testing, pre-academic and orientation programs, financial advising, student monitoring and support, and integrated financial and award management.

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Reaching out Globally to Identify Outstanding Scholarship Candidates

Through its network of international offices and close relationships with academic institutions worldwide, IIE can widely disseminate information about scholarship opportunities, identify and screen talented students in all fields, and manage a selection process based on the university's goals and needs.

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Developing Student Application and Selection Processes

IIE has unparalleled expertise in developing and managing transparent and open selection processes for some of the world’s most prestigious scholarship programs. The Institute can create online applications, refine selection criteria, screen applications, and assemble qualified selection panels.

Creating Student Tracking Systems and Policies

The Institute can work with a university to develop and institutionalize processes for tracking student growth and development. Services can include working with administrators to develop systems, create handbooks, and implement professional development training.

Strengthening Student and Career Services Office

The Institute can work with a university to develop institutional capacity to manage international scholarship programs and to provide students with career advice and academic counseling. IIE services include program design and development, staff training and recruitment, and systems implementation based on best practices.

    Program Spotlight
    • NYU Abu Dhabi

      IIE is partnering with New York University to identify scholarship applicants for NYU Abu Dhabi.


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