In Spring 2012, the Emergency Student Fund (ESF) of the Institute of International Education (IIE) distributed $92,000 to help students from Syria on U.S. campuses whose home country financial support was devastated by the recent upheaval.

In Fall 2012, at the Clinton Global Initiative annual meeting in New York, IIE announced a new initiative to expand support for Syrian students and scholars.

Learn more about the IIE Syria Consortium and find scholarships/ resources for Syrian students

Report on the first round of Syria-ESF Nominations and Grants

IIE’s Syria-ESF provided emergency grants of $2,000 each to 46 Syrian students nominated by their U.S. host colleges and universities who risked being unable to continue or complete their degree program in the United States due to serious financial difficulties precipitated by the situation in their home country. Accredited U.S. campuses nominated up to four Syrian students at their institutions for whom help was needed to complete spring semester 2012. IIE expects U.S. institutions nominating these Syrian students to also help address their urgent financial needs through tuition waivers, scholarships, and other forms of assistance.

  • $92,000 in financial assistance was awarded to 46 Syrian students.
  • Applications came from 39 schools in 21 states.
  • Roughly 10% of Syrian students currently enrolled in U.S. institutions applied for funding.
  • Over one-third of the awarded students will complete their degree program during 2012/13.

About IIE's Emergency Student Fund

IIE’s Emergency Student Fund (ESF) provides emergency grants to post-secondary students matriculated at accredited educational institutions outside their home countries whose sources of support have been impacted by natural disaster or other crises. Building on a Freeman Foundation designation of $2.5 million for emergencies involving students from East and Southeast Asia studying in the U.S., IIE is issuing a request to donors around the world to support this fund for other world areas. Since 2010, IIE’s ESF has provided over $1 million in emergency grants to nearly 400 students from Japan, Haiti, Libya, Thailand and Syria whose home sources of financial support were impacted by crisis or natural disaster. The Institute seeks to have a fund in place so that IIE can respond quickly to help students when disasters and emergencies arise.