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Corporations and Corporate Foundations

IIE partners with corporations and corporate foundations to design and implement a range of strategic and focused talent development and philanthropic programs.

In more than 100 countries, IIE-administered programs bring recognition to corporations for their commitment to social responsibility and help them develop professionals and leaders with the international experience, high-level training, and cross-cultural tools to succeed in the 21st century. IIE works in close collaboration with corporate partners to custom-tailor programs and services to meet specific corporate needs and objectives.

IIE’s clients and sponsors include many of the world’s largest and most successful corporations, including GE Foundation, Goldman Sachs, Alcoa, ExxonMobil, and Microsoft, among others. IIE’s work with these organizations includes a range of scholarship and training programs that can be customized by country or region, field of study, and demographics based on philanthropic and human resource needs. To these programs, IIE brings an established set of best practices and a deep knowledge of higher education in all world regions. IIE also provides corporate partners with human resource services designed to attract, retain, and train international employees.

Among many others, IIE has helped develop and administer:

  • Award and Scholarship Management, in which IIE helps companies administer awards and outreach to talented students around the globe, thus supporting education and demonstrating commitment in local communities.
  • Professional Leadership Development, which allows companies to build internal capacity and compete on a global level.
  • Children of Employee (COE) Scholarship Programs, which are a proven, cost-effective way for companies to retain international staff and enhance organizational image.
  • Global Talent Outreach, in which IIE helps corporations to identify international talent for growing businesses.

Corporate Membership in the IIENetwork: Creating a Nexus between Business and Higher Education

IIE’s Corporate Membership Program offers corporations and their foundations the unique opportunity to become part of a global network of leading universities, private and public corporations, governments, major philanthropic foundations and individuals who are working together to advance educational opportunities and development a talented global workforce.

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