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About Norway

The Norwegian government actively seeks to promote international student mobility and international cooperation in higher education. Norway supports a multitude of cooperation and development projects with other nations, including activities such as Cooperation Brazil-Norway, Nordic-Russian cooperation, Partnership Program with North America, among others.

Fast Facts: Norway

  • The number of international students in Norway has risen steadily over the last decade to reach 25,660 students in 2015.
  • The top three places of origin in 2015 were Sweden, Germany and Russia.
  • The top destinations for Norwegian students to study abroad in 2014 were the United Kingdom, United States, Denmark and Australia. Together they hosted more than 50 percent of all Norwegian students.

Source: SIU


Inbound/International Student: Non-Norwegian foreign nationals including those residing in Norway who are studying at Norwegian higher education institutions.

Foreign Student: Norway does not differentiate between foreign and international students.

Outbound Student: Degree and non-degree seeking Norwegian citizens who are pursuing a full-degree at a HEI abroad or who are exchange students abroad for a minimum of 3 months.

Higher Education Institution (HEI): While there is no single formal definition for Norwegian HEIs, laws exist to regulate the activities of both State-owned and privately-owned universities and colleges.

Public HEI: HEIs that are State owned.

Private HEI: HEIs that are privately owned.

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