The Ministry of Education, Ministry of International Affairs, and the National Council of Science and Technology establish policies for international student data collection in Mexico. ANUIES (The National Association of Universities and Higher Education Institutions) and the Ministry of Education, Mexico are the two primary entities collecting data on the internationalization of higher education in Mexico.

ANUIES’s higher education mobility data is collected via the Patlani survey which is a voluntary survey of public and private higher education institutions that are members of ANUIES. ANUIES also collaborates with the MOE, Mexico to disseminate the Patlani survey to non-member higher education institutions. In addition, ANUIES collects data from foreign embassies in Mexico on international student visas issued to Mexican students. Patlani’s data on outbound mobility only captures short-term or exchange mobility. The MOE, Mexico disseminates an annual mandatory survey (“Data Base 911”) to all public and private higher education institutions (over 3,000) in Mexico.

Mexico's higher education sector eyeing expansion
July 23, 2013

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