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About Mexico

Reported Mexico academic mobility data is made available by the National Association of Universities and Higher Education Institutions’ (ANUIES) Patlani Report.

Fast Facts: Mexico

  • There were more than 12,700 international students in Mexico during the 2013/14 academic year.
  • The top five places of origin of in-bound international students in 2013/14 were the United States, France, Colombia, Germany and Spain.
  • The most popular destinations for Mexican students to study abroad in 2013/14 were Spain, the United States, France, Germany and Canada. 

Source: Patlani Report


Inbound/International Student: A non-resident foreign national who crosses the border into Mexico for the primary objective of engaging in educational activities at a Mexican higher education institution. Forms of mobility include both full-degree and non-award short-term students.

Outbound Student: A Mexican student enrolled at a Mexican HEI who pursues short-term or exchange educational activities abroad.

Higher Education Institution (HEI): An entity recognized by the State that offers post-high school education or its equivalent and may provide undergraduate, specialty, masters or PHD level studies.

Public HEI: HEIs funded by the State and include: federal institutions; public state universities; technological institutes; and technological universities.

Private HEI: HEIs that are self-funded and self-administrated.

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