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About Germany

Germany is a major player in the global higher education marketplace, hosting over 250,000 international students in 2011 (an increase from the previous year). Turkey, China and Russia remain the leading places of origin of international students in Germany.

Fast Facts: Germany

  • In 2010/11, Germany hosted over 250,000 international students.
  • The top five places of origin in 2010/11 were Turkey, China, Russia, Poland and Ukraine.
  • The top destinations for German students are Austria, Netherlands and United Kingdom.
  • The annual statistical publication "Wissenschaft weltoffen" on inbound and outbound student mobility is published by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD).

Source: DAAD

Places of Origin of International Students in Germany, 2010/11

Top 10 places of origin of International Students for Germany for 2011

Source: DAAD


International Students in Germany: Moving towards "prior education" as a criterion for international mobility.

International students are classified into two categories:
•  Bildungsauslaender: Foreign country of previous education/study (level of secondary education completed in countries outside Germany)  
•  Bildungsinlaender: Previous education/study in Germany (level of secondary education completed in Germany)

Private Higher Education Institution: Private HEI have private founding bodies. Numbers for German and foreign students are only collected by the federal statistical office if a private HEI has been awarded state recognition.

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