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About France

France is the third most popular host destination for international students. While francophone North African countries make up the bulk of international students, the number of Asian and European students has been steadily increasing in recent years. The majority of French students who went abroad chose to study in other European countries and in the United States.

Fast Facts: France

  • In 2011/12, there were over 288,000 international students in higher education in France.
  • The top five places of origin in 2010/11 were Morocco, China, Algeria, Tunisia and Senegal.
  • CampusFrance is the national agency for promoting French higher education abroad.

Source: CampusFrance

Places of Origin of International Students in France, 2011/12

Top 10 Places of Origin of International Students in France in 2011-2012 

Source: CampusFrance


International Students in France: Students with a foreign citizenship enrolled in a programme that lasts at least one year and leads to an officially approved national degree or a diplôme de l’Université

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