IIE Passport 2014-2015

IIEPassport 2014-15 Directory

The Complete Guide to Study Abroad Programs

Find the Study Abroad Program That's Right for You

The IIEPassport study abroad directory has been the industry standard for more than sixty years, helping thousands of students identify and select study abroad programs. The 2014 directory includes in one convenient volume both short-term and long-term programs and is divided usefully into four world regions: Asia & Oceania, Africa & the Middle East, the Americas, and Europe. It contains thousands of study abroad program listings offered by U.S. and foreign universities and study abroad providers, along with key information on funding opportunities for study abroad experiences. In addition, the directory features key tips and questions on how students can have a successful study abroad experience. This directory along with the IIEPassport.org online database are the most comprehensive resources to planning study abroad for students, parents, and advisers.

Table of Contents

Resources for Study Abroad
Generation Study Abroad: Opening Minds to the World®
How to Have a Successful Study Abroad Experience
Fast Facts from Open Doors: A Quick Look at U.S. Students Studying Abroad
Funding Opportunities and Resources for Study Abroad
How to Use the IIEPassport Program Listings

Study Abroad in Africa and the Middle East
Study Abroad Program Listings

Study Abroad in the Americas
Study Abroad Program Listings

Study Abroad in Asia and Oceania
Study Abroad Program Listings

Study Abroad in Europe
Study Abroad Program Listings