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Expanding U.S. Study Abroad to Indonesia

U.S. and Indonesian Perspectives and Strategies for Expansion (2011)

Report Prepared by Clare Banks and Shannon Harrison

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Expanding U.S. Study Abroad to Indonesia addresses the strategic need to promote stronger ties between the U.S. and Indonesia. This white paper was produced through the Institute of International Education’s Center for International Partnerships in Higher Education (CIP). Two years ago, CIP, in cooperation with the Indonesian International Education Foundation (IIEF) and sponsored by the U.S. Department of State’s Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs, launched the U.S.-Indonesia Partnership Program for Study Abroad Capacity (USIPP) to expand Indonesian higher education institutions’ capacity to provide high-quality study abroad  programs for U.S. undergraduates. To identify challenges related to expanding U.S. study abroad to Indonesia, IIE conducted parallel surveys of U.S. and Indonesian higher education institutions that participated in USIPP. The findings form the basis of this white paper.

 Expanding U.S. Study Abroad to Indonesia begins with an overview of higher education in Indonesia, offers a snapshot of U.S. study abroad to Indonesia, examines Indonesian institutional capacity to host more U.S. students, and discusses challenges and opportunities in expanding study abroad to Indonesia. This white paper also provides key findings and steps and recommendations for the future. Overall, Expanding U.S. Study Abroad to Indonesia is a valuable resource for expanding academic engagement with Indonesia and increasing study abroad to Indonesia.

Table of Contents

I. Executive Summary and Key Findings

II. Introduction

III. Higher Education in Indonesia

IV. Snapshot of U.S. Study Abroad to Indonesia

V. Perceptions of U.S. Institutions: Findings from an IIE Survey

VI. Indonesian Institutional Capacity to Host More U.S. Students: Findings from an IIE Survey

VII. Expanding Study Abroad to Indonesia: Challenges and Opportunities

VIII. Cultivating Interest in Indonesia

IX. Next Steps

Appendix A: Services and Resources for Building Partnerships with Indonesia