Study Findings

Measuring the Link Between Higher Education and Social Justice

Cover of IFP Alumni Tracking Study Report 1New Report: Social Justice and Sustainable Change

Released April 2016, Social Justice and Sustainable Change: The Impacts of Higher Education shares quantitative findings from our first major data collection effort. The report presents the results of a 2015 survey of 1,861 IFP alumni from all 22 IFP countries, capturing 43% of the program population. The findings reveal that IFP alumni not only experienced personal and professional gains, but they are also driving tangible change in their home communities, countries, and wider global society.

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Sharing Results

The study team will be analyzing, synthesizing, and disseminating quantitative and qualitative findings throughout the study's duration. Our Center plans to publish ongoing findings from the tracking study until the study concludes in 2023.

IIE is committed to sharing best practices and lessons learned in the field of international education and social justice, and contributing to literature about carrying out longitudinal studies of this scale and size. By participating in local research groups, presenting at conferences, and writing white papers and reports, we hope to share our experience and encourage other programs to consider investing in higher education initiatives like IFP.

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