IFP Alumni Tracking Study: Indonesian Fellows

About the IFP Alumni Tracking Study

10 years | 22 Countries | Over 4,300 Alumni

Exploring the Link Between Higher Education and Social Justice

The Institute of International Education (IIE) has launched a groundbreaking 10-year, longitudinal study designed to explore and analyze the impact of the Ford Foundation International Fellowships Program® (IFP) on its more than 4,300 alumni from over 22 countries. The study offers a rare opportunity to explore over the long term how an innovative higher education program affected the lives of its beneficiaries and the communities in which they live and work, and to examine whether it shifted the picture of equity and access in developing countries and within marginalized communities.

Core Research Questions

The purpose of the IFP Tracking Study is to measure the long-term impact of the International Fellowships Program (IFP) through the personal pathways of its alumni. Our research hypothesis is that IFP has provided alumni with opportunities, both personal and professional, that have caused social impacts beyond the individual experience.

  1. What have been the long-term impacts of the IFP experience on its alumni? How has the Program enabled alumni to contribute to long-term impacts at the organizational, community, and societal levels?
  2. What contributions to social justice have IFP alumni made as leaders in their communities as a result of their fellowship opportunity?
  3. What is the link between higher education and social justice? How can higher education fellowship programs provide opportunities to address social inequalities?

Technical Approach

Using the decentralized IFP model as a starting point, the team will collect quantitative and qualitative data at the global, regional, and country levels using a combination of surveys and local fieldwork. This approach mirrors the structure that IFP created and also encourages alumni engagement at multiple levels, including through interactions with local researchers.

  • The study team plans to collect alumni-level data using a global online survey, administered two times in each region throughout the ten years.
  • In order to triangulate data from the alumni survey and interviews, the study team will also collect quantitative and qualitative data from key stakeholders associated with the IFP alumni and who know the alumnus in his/her professional capacity.
  • The study team will conduct in-country fieldwork in a sub-set of IFP countries, to be completed by in-country researchers. In-country fieldwork will be integral to gather on-the-ground information about the IFP alumni, their networks, organizations, and communities.

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