Application Instructions

Read all instructions carefully before completing the application

Step One: Learn requirements for submitting an application

Before you begin this application, you must contact the Waha Oil Company Scholarship and Training Program Office to learn about eligibility requirements and deadline dates.

Step Two: Record user ID and password in a safe place

When you enter the application you will need to create an account. Your email address is your user ID. When you create an account for this on-line application, you must identify a password. Keep this information in a safe place. You can log in and out of the application as frequently as you like; however, you must have your user ID and password. While you cannot change your User ID, if necessary, you can change your password by clicking on “Update My Account” at the top of the Home page of this application.

Step Three: Select the program to which you are applying and the academic level

After you create an account, you will be able to log into the application. The first time you enter the application, you will go to a Preliminary Question page. On this page it is important that you answer the following two questions correctly:

  1. For which program you are applying: WAHA Oil Scholarship
  2. For which academic level: Short-Term Study

Step Four: Complete the short-term application

Do not complete the graduate application. Complete the short-term study application. You do not need to complete this application at one sitting. You can re-enter at anytime and edit your application either by going through this site or you can access the application directly at IIE's application portal. But remember that once you submit your application, you can NO longer make changes to it.

All forms in this application are to be completed in English. Items must be answered completely and carefully.

Some helpful "tips":

  • Avoid using all capital letters when answering items, e.g., name, address, etc. It is better to use upper and lower case, e.g. Ron Smith.
  • You can copy and paste information into all text boxes.
  • In the text boxes, you must limit your responses to the space provided. Information that exceeds the space provided will not display or print. If what you have typed or copied exceeds the size of the box, you must edit it.
  • You can review each page of the application in its PDF format by clicking on the Preview button on the upper right-hand corner. Be sure to review so that you can make sure all of your text is viewable.
  • Closing out of the PDF view will bring you back to your application.
  • On page 3, you can post a professional resume or curriculum vitae.
  • Some questions are "required." In other words, you will not be able to complete and submit your application until all required items are completed. When you click on the Application Inspector button on the Home page, your application will be checked for completeness. You will be prompted to enter any missing information on required questions.

Often specific instructions for completing a question or item are provided in the application itself. Please read all instructions carefully. In addition, please review the following important information.

Item 1—Name: It is very important that you list your name exactly as it appears (or will appear) on your passport. Please use upper and lower case when entering in your name, e.g. Ron Smith. Avoid using all capital letters or using all lower case. Also do not use diacritical markings as this can sometimes create computer-related problems.

Item 12—Field of Study: Select the best description for your field of study from the drop down menu of choices.

Item 13— Brief description of your study plans and goals: In the text box, provide a brief description of what you hope to accomplish n this program. Do not exceed the size of the text box.

Item 14—Post-secondary Institutions Attended: Please list all post-secondary institutions attended in reverse order (putting the most recently attended first).

Item 15—Secondary Institution Attended: List the secondary institution (high school) that you attended.

Item 17—Current Position: Please select from the drop down menu the position title which best describes the activity in which you are currently (or most recently) involved.

Item 18—Occupational Experience: List all the places where you have worked.

Item 20—English Exam Results: This is not a required field; however, if you have taken any standardized exams in English, please indicate your score results here.

Item 24—Professional Resume: You can insert your resume on page 3 of the application. You have three ways in which you can add your resume. You can upload it into the application, copy and paste it, or you can type it into the application.

Step Five: Print supplemental forms

At this time the only supplemental form that you need to complete is the Signature Form. Please print out, sign and forward this form to WAHA Oil. You do not need to submit letters of recommendation.

Step Six: Application inspector

Before you can submit your application electronically, your application will be reviewed for completeness. If there is missing data, you will be prompted to correct. Just follow the instructions.

Step Seven: Review and print your application

Review a PDF version of your application and print a copy for your records.

Step Eight: Submit your application

After completing this application and thoroughly reviewing it, you will submit it electronically to the WAHA Oil Scholarship and Training Program Office. Please note, it is very important that you identified the following information correctly in the preliminary questions when you started your application:

  1. For which program are you applying: WAHA Oil Scholarship
  2. For which academic level: Short-Term Study

If you entered the wrong information when you answered the preliminary questions, you must correct this prior to submitting your application. You can correct this question by clicking on the "update my answers to preliminary questions" link on the upper-right hand corner of the Home page.

Note carefully, after submitting your application electronically, you will be able to access it in a viewable PDF format as well as be able to access supplemental forms. You will be able to print these documents. However, you will not be able to make changes to your application.

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