Building the next generation of leaders in the fields of population and reproductive health has been the mission of the LDM program over the past ten years.

The program's vision is that a critical mass of diverse leaders, working individually and collectively, has affected systematic changes that improve reproductive health options and overall quality of life, especially for vulnerable populations.

The program is anchored by the core values of Integrity, Commitment, Respect, Equality, and Courage.

Across the five focus countries, LDM fellows work on such pressing global health issues as, adolescent reproductive health, gender-based violence, HIV/AIDS and access to quality family planning services and improved maternal health care.

While the LDM program concluded its program activities in 2011, the work of the Fellows and the Fellows' networks continues.  In addition, until the end of 2011, many activities are taking place both in the LDM countries and globally to share the lessons learned from this important program.  A program evaluation was conducted in 2011. Visit the LDM website Evaluation Page for more information about the evaluation and to download the reports.

The LDM program and its fellows have developed a Wiki, which is open to anyone interested in sharing information and learning about leadership for international reproductive health. The main purpose of this space is to facilitate greater learning, action, and interaction among leaders in reproductive health. We encourage and look forward to your active participation.

Visit the LDM Wiki

For more updates on LDM program related activities and achievements visit the news page on the LDM website.

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