IAPP Testimonials

"It has been a fabulous India year for us. [IAPP] has provided terrific guidance, knowledge, contacts, partnerships and most of all a great spirit of collective thinking and working!"
- Joanna Regulska, University of California, Davis (2012 IAPP India)

“Not only did they help us create an effective strategic plan and identify appropriate prospective partners in India, but they connected us with other American colleges with whom we could collaborate, share ideas and develop joint programs.”
- Helen Gaudette, Queens College, City University of New York (2012 IAPP India)

"The IAPP program isn’t a ‘quick fix’, rather it’s a best way to take an important step in what should be a long and thoughtful process. For The University of Montana, its participation in this project wasn’t necessarily due to a deficiency of activities that we do in regard to engagement with Indian institutions, students, and faculty. Rather, this project acted as a focused lens through which we’ve started to project a more intentional approach in regard to the work we’re already doing there. I’d venture to guess that most large and mid-size U.S. institutions are in similar situations in regard to India and other countries and regions of the world – a lot is happening on our respective campuses, but because of the decentralized nature of U.S. institutions that work isn’t approached in as strategic or coordinated way as is could be. As higher education moves further into the age of global interdependence programs like IAPP will be of increasing importance and impact. We’re already started to see results here – identification and submission of grant proposals related to India, success in those applications, coordination of India-related activities on campus among various stake-holders, and the early stages of the development of an Indian student recruitment plan. IIE’s IAPP program is a thoughtful, expertly administered, and innovative opportunity that I’d certainly recommend to other institutions."
- Peter Baker, The University of Montana (2012 IAPP India)

“As a community college we found that we have a lot to offer to community colleges in India. The country is implementing the Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) to set up 50 community colleges in select states. Members of OCC’s Global Education Committee established contact with the administration at Shriram IGNOU Community College… We have discovered that their vision, mission and goals were the same as those of community colleges in the U.S., but because the model is new to India, Shriram Community College is struggling with issues with which we are all too familiar.”
- Cathey Maze, Oakland Community College (2011 IAPP India)

“The task force is comprised of representatives from all of our colleges as well as several other units. Four people; including the provost; participated in the study tour. Our president has been very interested in China; and was extremely pleased with the publicity and focus that the project has generated.”
- University of Southern Indiana (2010 IAPP China)

"For me, one of the most important outcomes was having a group of folks who represent all of our colleges and various interests come together as a task force, together in China, and developing the strategic plan so we could develop a realistic plan.”
- Heidi Gregori-Gahan, University of Southern Indiana (2010 IAPP China)

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