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Dr. Tamorish Kole recieves his IVLP certificateImmediate Impact: Dr. Tamorish Kole (pictured center), Director of Emergency Medicine at a New Delhi hospital and a Regional Faculty Member of the American Heart Association, completed his International Visitor Leadership Program (IVLP) on "Crisis and Disaster Management" just as he returned home to help those affected by mass flooding in Uttarakhan, India.

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Joannie Bewa speaking at podium.

"I attended an International Visitor leadership Program ( IVLP) in April 2012 under the focus of the Young African Leaders Program (YAL), which emphasized youth leadership and civic engagement. This program really impacted my personal and professional life and positively changed my mind. I discovered new ways of solving social issues, new strategies of engaging youth and new community management systems. I was personally impressed by the way youths are engaged in every process in the U.S."

- Joannie Bewa, Medical doctor and coordinator of the Young Beninese Leaders Association.

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Szarita and Chhavi, Young Leaders"The two things that were of paramount importance were making acquaintance with people who are now as good as a part of my family, my heart and my soul. The other was the gathering of invaluable experience about, perspective of and insight into the U.S. political process through the IVLP, which was priceless. Above all I am touched by the patriotism of the Americans, their self-belief, their contribution towards their community, the respect they give to an individual’s freedom and lastly their resilience at a time of adversity when they do actually ‘walk tall.’”

- Szarita Laitphlang, National Coordinator for the Indian Youth Congress

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