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What do we work on?

IHRIP seeks to strengthen the work of non-governmental human rights groups through facilitating the exchange by human rights groups of knowledge and experiences with groups in other countries—with a recent emphasis on human rights budget analysis and other forms of human rights budget work.

IHRIP believes that civil society groups have a central role to play in monitoring and advocating for the realization of human rights, and thus gives priority to collaboration with and support for these groups. IHRIP also gives a priority to collaborating with and supporting the work of groups in the global South, as well as in East and Central Europe and CIS countries.

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Human Rights Budget Work

The top buttons on the left-hand menu of this web site help you learn more about IHRIP and its work. The last button will take you to a page containing information about a separate website that IHRIP has created and is maintaining, called Human Rights Budget Work around the World. On that website, you can learn more about human rights budget work: what it is and where it is happening, who is doing it and what they are doing. The website links you to resources that can be very useful for those interested in learning more about how to do human rights budget work.

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Participant Stories
  • Human Rights Budget Work in Argentina
    "[Budget work] has allowed us to substantiate the inequality that exists in the distribution of resources." —Martín, Argentina
  • Circle of Rights
    "Circle of Rights, produced by IHRIP, is one of the most useful tools available on ESC rights activism." —Libardo, Colombia
  • Latin American Learning Program

    "The Latin American Learning Program on Budget Analysis and Economic and Social Rights, was a wonderful opportunity."—Enrique, Costa Rica

  • Professional Development Exchange

    "The exchange project was most rewarding and helped reinforce my commitment to human rights."—Naun, Honduras

  • Professional Development Zimbabwe

    "My day-to-day engagement in all these activities was stimulating and enriching."—Robert, Zimbabwe