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Who can apply for this scholarship?

The scholarship is available to secondary school students in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (SAR), the Macau Special Administrative Region (SAR) and mainland China who wish to pursue studies at Vincennes University in Indiana. Priority is given to Hong Kong students studying engineering or subjects in Vincennes University's Math and Sciences Division.

About Vincennes University

Founded in 1801, Vincennes University is one of the oldest two-year colleges in America.  Located in Indiana, VU offers two-year transfer programs that provide the academic foundation for completing virtually any baccalaureate degree.  Past alumni have gone on to such universities as M.I.T., Berkeley, Stanford, Purdue, and Yale.

About Vincennes University Hong Kong Alumni

The HK-VU Scholarship is supported by Vincennes University and its Hong Kong alumni. From the 1960s to 1980s, Dr C.W. Chu, a renowned Chinese educator and philanthropist, provided scholarships for more than 700 Hong Kong students to study in the US. Many of these students began their undergraduate studies at Vincennes University, and completed advanced degrees (at institutions such as Purdue, MIT, Stanford, among others), becoming prominent community members. To recognize their fond memories of VU and to carry on Dr Chu's mission, a group of these alumni establish the Hong Kong - Vincennes University Scholarship in 2005 with their donations and generous support from Vincennes University.

Program Spotlight
  • IMF Institute Logo

    The goal of the program is to train Japanese nationals as applied economists to work either at the IMF or in their home administrations.

  • AmCham

    American Chamber of Commerce (Hong Kong) Charitable Foundation US Studies Scholarship.

  • Japan Fulbright Memorial Fund

    Providing American school teachers and administrators with opportunities for fully-funded short-term study programs in Japan.

  • Japan Intercultural Academy of Municipalities

    Developing the professional management skills of Japanese government employees to effectively respond to issues of globalization.

Sponsors and Partners
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