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Useful resources on the web for students preparing to study abroad

Financial Related Handbook - advice on financial matters for study abroad

The Universal Currency Converter (converts all major currencies)

Internal Revenue Service (don't forget to prepare your taxes while you are overseas)



US State Department, Visa Services

US State Department, Passport Services

US State Department - Travel Warnings and Consular Information Sheets


 Foreign (Non-US) Embassies in the United States for Visa Information by Country

Embassies in Washington DC -

Embassies in Washington DC -

American Consulates and Embassies Around the World

Visa Assistance Companies 

We recommend that you apply for your student visa on your own. However, if you would like assistance, these companies, for a fee 
will assist you in applying for and getting your student visa to study abroad. They will assist you no matter where you live in the US, 
or what country you are going to:

  • Perry International (recommended by quite a study abroad advisors)
    Phone: (312) 372-2703 (summer 1999: they charged $35 + the cost of the student visa; office in Chicago)
  • CIBT Global Relocation Services (CIBTGRS)
    Phone: 1(888) 967-5847 (summer 1999: they charged $200 for their service + the cost of the student visa; office is in Houston)
  • Executive Visa, Inc.
    Phone: (202) 588-5377
  • Travisa Phone:
    Phone: (800) 222-2589 or (800) 421-5468 (summer 1999: charges vary by country)

Health and Safety Related

Centers for Disease Control

Centers for Disease Control Travel Page Educational Exchange - great list of information and questions to help you prepare 

Planned Parenthood





    See Government

    Special Concerns


    Planet Out Travel

    Travelling with Disabilities

    Mobility International USA

    Access-Able Travel Source


    Vegetarian Society of the UK

    Time and Metric Conversion Related

    Time Zones - This is an excellent resource for family and friends so they know when to contact you.

    Metric Conversions

    Travel Related (Tickets, Eurail Passes, International Student ID Card)

    CIEE: Council on International Educational Exchange

    Student Travel Agency

    Also check some of the travel web sites. Another good place to try is the Sunday New York Times travel section which always carries advertisements for discounted travel. Global E3 cannot make any recommendations and does not guarantee the quality of any of these companies.


    See Government


    Weather Channel

    USA Today World Weather

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