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Alumni Ambassador Program

The Gilman Alumni Ambassador Program is a diverse group of Gilman Scholarship recipients who have studied or interned abroad in various countries around the world. They are official ambassadors of the Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarship Program providing presentations and promotional outreach to university and college campuses around the nation to students and advisors interested in learning more about the Gilman Scholarship Program. The Gilman Alumni Ambassadors have been trained by the Gilman Scholarship Program.

If you would like to request a Gilman Alumni Ambassador to present at your campus or if you are interested in becoming a Gilman Alumni Ambassador, please contact Gilman Scholars by email at if you have any questions.

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2010 Gilman Alumni Ambassadors 

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2013 Gilman Alumni Ambassadors

2014 Gilman Alumni Ambassadors

2015 Gilman Alumni Ambassadors

2016 Gilman Alumni Ambassadors 

Dy'Anna Augustus
Recipient: Dy'Anna Augustus
Country: China
Year: 2015
Home Institution: Knox College
U.S. Region: Midwest
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Brandy Bippes
Recipient: Brandy Bippes
Country: China
Year: 2013
Home Institution: Eastern Washington University
U.S. Region: South
View Brandy's Profile
Hillary Blunt
Recipient: Hillary Blunt
Country: India
Year: 2013
Home Institution: Goucher College
U.S. Region: Midwest
View Hillary's Profile
Naphtali Bryant
Recipient: Naphtali Bryant
Country: China
Year: 2015
Home Institution: Alamo Colleges
U.S. Region: South
View Naphtali's Profile
Brent Buffone
Recipient: Brent buffone
Country: Costa Rica
Year: 2013
Home Institution: University of Nevada, Las Vegas
U.S. Region: West
View Brent's Profile
WanErh Chen
Recipient: Wan Erh Chen
Country: Taiwan
Year: 2016
Home Institution: University of New Mexico
U.S. Region: South
View Wan Erh's Profile
Candice Coldly
Recipient: Candice Coldly
Country: China
Year: 2012
Home Institution: Central State University
U.S. Region: South
View Candice's Profile
Don Courter
Recipient: Don Courter
Country: Russia
Year: 2015
Home Institution: Rutgers University
U.S. Region: Northeast
View Don's Profile
Robert Davis
Recipient: Robert Davis
Country: Greece
Year: 2013
Home Institution: Arizona State University
U.S. Region: South
View Robert's Profile
Salwan Fadhil
Recipient: Selwan Fadhil
Country: United Arab Emirates
Year: 2014
Home Institution: University of Nebraska
U.S. Region: West
View Selwan's Profile
Vivian Garcia
Recipient: Vivian Garcia
Country: Russia
Year: 2015
Home Institution: University of California, Santa Cruz
U.S. Region: West
View Vivian's Profile
Lea Gober
Recipient: Lea Gober
Country: Untied Kingdom
Year: 2010
Home Institution: Virginia Commonwealth University
U.S. Region: Northeast
View Lea's Profile
Wilfredo Gomez
Recipient: Wilfredo Gomez
Country: Jordan
Year: 2013
Home Institution: Amherst College
U.S. Region: Northeast
View Wilfredo's Profile
Chelsea James
Recipient: Chelsea James
Country: Ghana
Year: 2016
Home Institution: Howard University
U.S. Region: Northeast
View Chelsea's Profile
Grace Lee
Recipient: Grace Lee
Country: Turkey
Year: 2015
Home Institution: University of California, Davis
U.S. Region: West
View Grace's Profile
Rosybell Maria
Recipient: Rosybell Maria
Country: Morocco
Year: 2014
Home Institution: Seton Hall University
U.S. Region: Northeast
View Rosybell's Profile
Dawit Martin
Recipient: Dawit Martin
Country: Costa Rica
Year: 2015
Home Institution: University of Maryland, College Park
U.S. Region: Northeast
View Dawit's Profile
Dylan McDowell
Recipient: Dylan McDowell
Country: Tanzania
Year: 2012
Home Institution: Oregon State University
U.S. Region: Northeast
View Dylan's Profile
India Orman
Recipient: India Orman
Country: France
Year: 2016
Home Institution: Warren Wilson College
U.S. Region: South
View India's Profile
Alexa Pennavaria
Recipient: Alexa Pennavaria
Country: France
Year: 2015
Home Institution: Florida State University
U.S. Region: South
View Alexa's Profile
Manuel Retana
Recipient: Manuel Retana
Country: United Kingdom
Year: 2015
Home Institution: University of Nevada, Reno
U.S. Region: West
View Manuel's Profile
Cortney Sanders
Recipient: Cortney Sanders
Country: Ghana
Year: 2014
Home Institution: University of Texas at Austin
U.S. Region: Midwest
View Cortney's Profile
Lena Tran
Recipient: Lena Tran
Country: France
Year: 2015
Home Institution: University of South Dakota
U.S. Region: Midwest
View Lena's Profile
Gerti Wilson
Recipient: Gerti Wilson
Country: South Africa
Year: 2016
Home Institution: University of Delaware
U.S. Region: Northeast
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