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Follow-on Service Project

Hannah Tall

Below are the commitments that you are required to complete as a recipient of the Gilman International Scholarship and that you agreed to in the Gilman Terms and Conditions contract. Please note that many events and opportunities are exclusive to Gilman Scholars who have completed all requirements to become an alumnus/a of the program.

Gilman Recipient Evaluation and Contact Information

Within one month of your return from abroad all Gilman Scholars are required to submit a scholarship alumni evaluation and update your contact information. The evaluation is a brief survey of your experience abroad as a Gilman Scholarship recipient. You can find your alumni evaluation within your alumni portal.

Gilman Alumni Portal 

Follow-on Service Project & Report

In order to become an alumnus/a of the Gilman Scholarship, all Gilman Scholars are required to carry out the Follow-on Service Project proposed in the scholarship application within six months of returning to the U.S. and submit a Follow-on Service Project report via the alumni portal.  Review the links below for resources to help you implement your Follow-on Service Project, information on submitting  your report and answers to frequently asked questions.

Follow-on Service Project Resources:

Frequently Asked Questions for additional information on Follow-on Service Project implementation and reporting
Gilman Program Overview (531 KB, PDF): A quick reference guide to the Gilman Scholarship
Tips on Creating your Elevator Speech (451 KB, PDF): Tips for succinctly talking about your experience abroad
Gilman Flyer - English (168 KB, PDF)
Gilman Flyer - Spanish (168 KB, PDF)
Gilman Fast Facts 2015-2016 (419 KB, PDF)
Gilman Presentation Template (3.85 MB, PPTX): Use and tailor to your experience and audience
Logo Usage Guidelines (385 KB, PDF): Requirements to use the Gilman Program's logo in outreach
Follow-on Service Project Report Guidelines (422 KB, PDF): Information on writing and submitting your Follow-on Service Project Report

Submitting Photos from Abroad

Gilman alumni and scholars are encouraged to submit photos highlighting their experience abroad.  Alumni and scholars are welcome to email photos directly to the Gilman Program by following the guidelines below.  Please note that the Gilman Program uses photos of Gilman scholars to highlight on our website and in promotional materials such as brochures, posters and advertisements.

View the Photo Submission Guidelines (252 KB, PDF)

If you have any further questions about the Gilman Recipient Evaluation, Follow-on Service Project & Report or Submitting Photos, please contact the Gilman Scholarship Program.

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