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Gilman Resources

Gilman program overview (531 KB, PDF)
Email templates (496 KB, PDF): Use and tailor to your campus needs and communicating to students.
Gilman advisor signature image (37 KB, JPG): Image available to insert into your email signature to encourage students to ask you about the Gilman Scholarship.
Logo usage guidelines (385 KB, PDF): Requirements to use the Gilman Program's logo in outreach.
Social media guide (262 KB, PDF): Connect to the Gilman Program's social media to promote to students and campus stakeholders.
Sample press release (17 KB, DOCX): Use and tailor to your computer needs and stakeholders.
Gilman program statistics: Review and utilize the program statistics to share information about the scholarship opportunity and impact to U.S. students and institutions.


Certification Video: Learn the advisor certification process for the Gilman Scholarship application for students at your campus.
Advisor Portal Walk-Through: Learn about the Gilman advisors' portal and resources available to support students on your campus applying to the Gilman Scholarship.
Applicant Informational Videos: View and utilize this series of videos to give detailed information to Gilman Scholarship applicants on your campus.

Flyers & Posters

These downloadable documents are available for promotional use.

Gilman Flyer - English (168 KB, PDF)
Gilman Flyer - Spanish (168 KB, PDF)
Gilman Half-page Flyer - English (203 KB, PDF)
Gilman Poster - Color (904 KB, PDF)
IIE Administered Scholarships for Study Abroad (135 KB, PDF)

Request Brochures

To request copies of the Gilman International Scholarship Program brochure for use on your campus, please login to your Gilman Advisor account. Underneath the Outreach tab you can submit an order form with your promotional material request. If you do not have a Gilman Advisor account, go to the Gilman Application System, click Advisor and create an account by clicking the "Register" button in the right navigation menu. Once you register an account, the Gilman Program must approve it in order to activate your account and for you to access the Outreach tab with resources.

Publish on Your Website

One of the best ways to promote the Gilman Scholarship Program on your campus is to add a link to the Gilman website on your institution's/office's website. By adding a link, your students can easily obtain information on this program at times when they may not be able to contact your office directly. Please see Logo Usage Guidelines for information about using the Gilman logo.

Coordinating With Your Financial Aid Office

Gilman Advisors have indicated that by targeting Pell Grant recipients they were able to reach and encourage a broader and more diverse range of students to consider study abroad opportunities on their campus. Check out the email templates to help tailor your message and supply to your colleagues in the Financial Aid Office.

Many institutions have found that informational meetings highlighting study abroad scholarship programs, such as the Gilman Scholarship Program, and study abroad opportunities, to be an effective way of reaching out to Pell Grant recipients. Often a representative from the financial aid office is also available at this session to discuss what types of federal, state and institutional aid can be applied to study abroad opportunities on your campus.

In this way, study abroad offices are able to leverage scholarship programs to reach out to groups of students that may be less likely to consider studying abroad an option due to financial constraints. Many Gilman Scholarship recipients indicate that they would never have thought of walking into the study abroad office had they not first heard about the Gilman Scholarship or other funding sources.

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