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IIE Summit on Generation Study Abroad - What's Next?

During the IIE Summit on Generation Study Abroad (October 24-25, 2016) we launched our IIE Design Thinking Challenge. We worked with our friends over at the Design Gym to come up with creative ways to meet the challenge of doubling the number of students who go abroad before the end of the decade. We used tools and tips from Design Thinking to prototype ideas all focused on this question:

"Together, how do we rebrand and modernize study abroad?"

See some of the great ideas attendees came up with in the flipbook below!

After the Summit, we want to continue to innovate and provide resources for campuses, organizations and companies that are taking bold steps to try something new. That's where you come in. Were you at the Summit? Did you commit to trying something new on your campus or back at your work? Or, maybe you weren't able to attend, but you are interesting in building collective momentum and sharing your ideas.

We invite you to join the Community of Experimentalists. Sign up below and you will be a part of our on-going communications to continue the work and support one-another in our endeavors.

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