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Meeting America's Global Education Challenge: Generation Study Abroad's Impact

Generation Study Abroad has generated momentum showing that through collective action we can achieve results.

The Generation Study Abroad network includes now more than 700 higher education institutions, study abroad organizations, education associations and government partners who have pledged to boost and broaden participation in study abroad.

  • U.S. colleges and universities, who are Generation Study Abroad partners, are contributing at a faster rate to study abroad growth than the national average. Twelve U.S. institutions have also met their Generation Study Abroad target early and were awarded the IIE Seal of Excellence.
  • Campuses are redefining and rebranding what study abroad means at their institutions. Through data-collection efforts and innovative programming, colleges and universities are making efforts to make study abroad accessible to more diverse students that reflect their campus’ demographics.
  • $55 million in student scholarships has been raised by the Generation Study Abroad network. Institutions are identifying faculty, trustees, and alumni as champions to fundraise and articulate the value of an international experience on academic success and career readiness.

Yet, we may not reach our ambitious goal without many more institutions and organizations contributing resources and mobilizing young people to take advantage of an international education. The skills gained from an international experience provide students with the personal, academic, and professional competencies needed for today’s interconnected and fast-paced world. Join us today.

Generation Study Abroad 2015-2016 Impact

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Generation Study Abroad 2014-2015 Impact

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Key Findings

  • 91% of the U.S. institutions are creating or expanding programs to offer more international for-academic credit opportunities
  • 64% of the U.S. institutions are increasing the number of academic programs (certificates, minors or majors) that require or offer a study abroad component
  • 77% of the international institutions are creating or expanding short-term – including Work, Internships and Volunteering Abroad (WIVA) – study abroad opportunities
  • 71% of U.S. institutions are committing to increasing finances for faculty members to develop and lead faculty led study abroad programs

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Download and Share These Impact Report Infographics

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