What is the FMC Technologies International Scholarship Program?

FMC Technologies, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of food processing and agricultural equipment. The FMC Technologies, Inc. International Scholarship Program provides funding to the children of FMC Technologies, Inc. employees.  The scholarship assists full-time students in obtaining their first undergraduate university degree.

Who should apply?

Only the children of FMC Technologies, Inc. employees should apply. This scholarship is not open to outside applicants. If you feel you are eligible, please contact your eligible parent's Human Resources office.

What is included?

Each year, 2 awards will be given and each grantee will receive $3,000 which is renewable depending on the student’s academic progress. Each scholarship is renewable for up to six years or until completion of the degree, whichever occurs first. Grantees can use this scholarship to study anywhere in the world.


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