Application Process

The application deadline was October 31, 2012. This application is closed.

Applications are judged on merit in an open and independent review conducted by a selection panel comprised of international education experts. 

 Completing an Application

Learn how to submit the online application.

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E-mail with any questions or problems.

Completing the Application

Getting Ready

Before beginning the application, it is very important to:

  1. Learn about the ExxonMobil Middle East and North Africa Scholars Program and Eligibility requirements.

  2. Think carefully about why you want to receive the scholarship. Consider how your goals and those of the ExxonMobil Middle East and North Africa Scholars Program support each other. Remember, this program is designed for students willing to pursue a Master's in Geoscience.

  3. Consider if you can leave your home for two to four years to study in the United States.

The Application

The selection panel will only know you through your application. It is very important to be thoughtful and thorough in describing yourself and your objectives. You will need to convince the review panel that you have well developed goals and that you are capable of professional, culturally appropriate interaction with diverse constituencies.

The online application includes seven steps:  

Step 1:
Reviewing these instructions

Step 2: The nine page application form.

You do not need to complete this application at one sitting. You can re-enter at anytime and edit your application. But remember that once you submit your application, you can NOT make changes to it.

Important Note: This is an application for graduate school only. On the preliminary questions select the graduate application, not the undergraduate or short-term study application. The application must be filled out in English. Do not use all UPPER CASE or lower case letters when answering questions. Name: It is very important that you list your name exactly as it appears (or will appear) on your passport. Please use upper and lower case when entering in your name, e.g. Ron Smith, not ron smith. Also, do not use diacritical markings or Arabic (é, ء  ,ع , etc) as these will not be converted properly by the application.

Item 14—Institutions Attended: Please list all universities attended in reverse order (putting the most recently attended first). Write the name of the university. Do not write Faculty of ______.

Step 3: Documents and Essays. applicants must upload a copy of TOEFL or IELTS exam results, copies of university transcripts (course grade reports), a study objectives essay, a personal statement, and a CV or resume. Other documents are optional. GRE exam results are a plus.

University transcripts must be in English or have a professional translation attached along with the transcripts. They must show all courses you have taken at prior universities and the grade/score obtained in all courses. Selected students will be required to have official copies submitted by their university directly to the Institute of International Education.

Step 4: Supplemental Forms. These forms are optional for the ExxonMobil Middle East and North Africa Scholars Program.

Step 5: Recommendations. Please register three recommenders to complete online letters of recommendation. They may submit letters even after you have submitted the application online.

Step 6: Application Inspector. You will not be able to submit your application until all required questions are answered. When you click on the Application Inspector button on the Home page, your application will be checked for completeness.

Step 7: Application Submission

Additional guidance for completing specific sections of the application

1. Examination Dates; Test Scores: You are required to submit a minimum TOEFL score of 79 or IELTS score of 6.0 obtained within the last two years. We will accept unofficial ITP (Institutional Testing Program) TOEFL scores for the application. However, all final candidates must take an official TOEFL or IELTS before admission into the program.

The TOEFL or IELTS test is given to assess a student’s readiness for study in English and is required by universities in the United States. You do not need to take both exams, only one. For additional information about the TOEFL exam and for practice test questions, visit the Educational Testing Service website. For IELTS visit

Applicants must also take the Graduate Record Exam (GRE) before placement in a university is possible. You may apply without GRE results; however, you should attach confirmation that you are registered for the GRE exam. For information on the GRE and to locate testing centers, please visit the Graduate Record Exam (GRE) homepage.

2. Application Question 28. Study/ Research Objectives Essay: Write a clear and detailed description of your study objectives, and give your reasons for wanting to pursue these objectives. Describe how your objectives will be achieved by pursuing a Master’s degree in the United States.

Questions your essay should answer include: What motivated you to choose your current career or academic program?  What past experiences prepared you for your current job/academic program? How have these experiences influenced your decision to pursue a Master's or PhD degree in the field for which you are applying? How will participation on this program benefit you, the ExxonMobil Corporation and the Middle East or North Africa region upon your return home?

This essay is an essential part of your application.

3. Application Question 29. Personal Statement:  The personal statement is your opportunity to let the selection panel know you as a student and as a person, and to explain why panel members should select you for the ExxonMobil Middle East and North Africa Scholars Program. Write a clear and detailed description of your accomplishments and leadership roles in research and academics. Include your goals and reasons for wanting to pursue further education. It is especially important to describe your ability to work with other cultures, both inside and outside of the Middle East and North Africa. Give examples of your multicultural competency.

4. Letters of Reference: Please register your recommenders under Step 5 of the application. The people you ask for references will be able to write more effective recommendations if they are familiar with your study plans and with the ExxonMobil Middle East and North Africa Scholars Program. You can help them by providing each reference with a copy of your study objectives and the scholarship program description. Reference letters are an important part of your application, so choose your referees wisely.

5.  Application Submission – The application cycle deadline was October 31, 2012. The application is now closed.

Any supplemental forms that you are not able to upload into the online application can be mailed to the below address. Include the email address used as your application login so that we can match the documents to your application.

Institute of International Education
ExxonMobil MENA Scholars Program
1800 West Loop S., Suite 250
Houston, Texas 77027
United States of America

Thank you for your interest in the ExxonMobil Middle East and North Africa Scholars Program. Below are instructions for creating your online application. Please carefully review the Application Guidelines before logging on to the online application system.

Steps for Creating an Online Application

STEP 1: Go to the IIE online application

STEP 2: Create a User Account & Login

STEP 3: On the preliminary question page, please respond as follows:

Question 1: Select ExxonMobil MENA Scholars Program
Question 2: Select Graduate

You must submit your completed ExxonMobil Middle East and North Africa Scholars application by October 31, 2012.

E-mail with any questions or problems.

We appreciate your interest in the ExxonMobil Middle East and North Africa Scholars Program and wish you well as you complete your application.

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