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EMDAP Case Studies

The case studies are meant to assist educational institutions in internationalizing their curricula by highlighting the challenges and opportunities faced by entrepreneurs in emerging markets.

These cases were written by EMDAP Advisers based on their experience, working for ten months in one of USAID’s target countries worldwide.

For the last 21 years, EMDAP has built a rich collection of unique case studies available to institutions worldwide. For the U.S. participants, IIE has worked to create an approach through which advisers could validate their experience, appreciate the potential for increased commerce in the developing world and appreciate the challenges of operating in an emerging market country. Although Advisers are no longer required to write case studies, USAID and IIE appreciated the Advisers and their faculty mentors at home institutions in working together to develop curricula and awareness in U.S. graduate/business schools about working in emerging markets. The case study and teaching materials were meant to assist in this effort.

EMDAP Alumnus - Robert Haynie
Year: 2005-06
Country: Jordan
Host Organization: The Business Development Center
University: Georgetown University

EMDAP Adviser Mr. Robert Haynie, who worked with the Business Development Center in Amman, Jordan from 2005-06, managed to parlay negative events in Jordan into an innovative, groundbreaking new case study. Entitled “Tourism in a Terrorist World: Jordan’s 9-11 and the Amman Marriott Hotel,” Mr. Haynie’s case examined a dilemma facing hotels in Jordan: how to increase customers in the midst of the post-bombing decline. Mr. Haynie developed it in cooperation with the General Manager of the Marriott Amman Hotel and senior officials based in the Marriott Corporation’s Bethesda, Maryland headquarters.

The case highlights the company’s worldwide approach to security management. Events on the ground in Amman actually hastened the local implementation of worldwide security standards. Marriott immediately recognized the practical value of the case and incorporated it into its worldwide general manager training in San Francisco in February 2007.     

Mr. Haynie reflects: “Having the chance to live in Jordan during such a critical time and being able to document the changes due to terrorism in my case study was a phenomenal opportunity, and I hope many other companies leverage these best practices when facing the threat of terrorism.” 

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