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What is the Summer Seminar?

This seminar is part of the Dorrance Scholarship program which provides full scholarships to Arizona residents to complete undergraduate degrees at one of the three public universities of Arizona.

Who is eligible?

Only recipients of the Dorrance Scholarship are eligible to participate in the Summer Seminar.

Learn more about Dorrance Scholarships

Want to learn more?

If you are Summer Seminar participant, you may access further information about the experience and practical information by visiting the Dorrance Scholarship website.

What is the Dorrance Foundation?

In 1999, the Dorrance Family Foundation created a scholarship to provide academic and financial support to Arizona's first generation college students. The Arizona Community Foundation sponsors this scholarship.

Program Spotlight
  • Flinn Foundation

    A study abroad component of the Flinn Scholars Program.

  • Klein Family Scholarship

    Full scholarship to talented Hungarian students to accomplish their educational goals and develop their potential.

  • Nancy Petry Scholarship for Study Abroad

    Provided financial support for study abroad to students enrolled in graduate programs at universities in the Rocky Mountain region.

Sponsors & Partners


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